48" Capital 5.4 cu. ft. Connoisseurian Series Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range with 4 open Burners - COB484GG-N

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The Connoisseurian family of dual fuel rangeswas invented for professionals but made for families.

A connoisseur is defined as one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties: an expert.The Connoisseurian embodies this definition. Combining Capital’s ground-breaking open burnersystem or its category-leading sealed burners, with all the innovative attributes of our electric wallovens, the Connoisseurian dual fuel range truly brings the best elements of gas and electrictogether for the discerning chef. Features such as our exclusive Moist Cook system, integratedinternal rotisserie, and ceramic oven floor have redefined home cooking.

Choose the configuration of open burners, grill, and/or griddle plates for the cooking surfacethat best suits your cooking style and choose from over 213 Classic RAL Color finishes.

The Connoisseurian Series Standard Features

As fellow cooking aficionados, we also appreciate and pay attention to thedetails both small and large. We strive to make your cooking experience gratifying,and the aesthetics enviable. These are a few of the details that set us apart:


In-Oven Moto-Rotis™ Rotisserie

The Capital motorized rotisserie system allowsyou to cook the juiciest meats possible with crispy golden skin thanks to the constant movementand even heat distribution. Sturdy cast-stainless steel construction will hold multiple birds, and the largest roasts.


Moist-Cook™ Baking

Capital’s exclusive Moist-Cook™ feature keeps flavors and juices in your food and not in the air by reducing evaporation during oven cooking.


Infra Broil™

With an extra-large broiling area, theelectric infrared broiler generates 3,500watts of searing power. For even heatdistribution and cleaning ease, thebroiler is covered with ceramic glass.There is also a delicate bake setting.


Flex-Roll™ Oven Racks

Our patented chrome-plated oven rack system is designed to provide the smoothest, most effortless motion.


Thermo-Griddle Plate™

Our 3/8″ thick thermostatically controlledstainless steel griddle plate gives precisecontrol over the griddle area, won’t rust,and doesn’t need pre-conditioning.12″ – 18,000 BTUs/hr.24″ – 30,000 BTUS/hr.


BBQ Grill

With 18,000 BTUs/hr this indoor grill sears at up to 1,200ºF. Bring outdoor grilling indoors withvariable temperature control on ourtwo-sided TruSide™ channeling gratesand our hybrid ceramic radiantsencased in stainless steel.


Stay-Cool™ Knobs

Heavy duty, die cast, chrome-plated metal knobs with plastic inserts that stay cool.


EZ-Glides™ Drip Trays

Sized for easy handling and cleaning(will fit in most dishwashers). Included on grill and/or griddle and open burner models.


FineTouch™ Small Pan Burner

Ideal for smaller pans or for an extra lowsimmer, this 8,000 BTU small pan burner is included on each open top range andrange top.


Power-Wok™ Grate

The Power-Wok™ grate switches out with any standard burner grate on the cooktop when in use. Made with a matte porcelain, it is commercial-quality, will fit most wok sizes, shields the chef from heat, and is easy to clean.


Next-Level Cooking Control? It’s Connoisseurian Control.

For truly precise baking, broiling, and roasting, the electric convection oven design of theConnoisseurian Range series is next-level in it’s functionality and temperature consistency.The intuitive all-in one display let’s you easily manage all of the features Including:

  • Bake
  • Delicate Bake
  • Broil
  • Timed Cook 1
  • Timed Cook 2
  • Temp Probe Cook
  • Delay Cook
  • Moist Cook
  • Rotisserie
  • Self Clean
  • Oven Light
  • Convection Fan

Choose Your Burner Style

Making the choice between an open and sealed burner comes down to your personalpreferences. You can really go either way and be perfectly satisfied with your choice of open or sealed burners.


AlphaFlame™ Open Burner

With an unsurpassed 25,000 BTUs, the 94 port AlphaFlame™ burner can take your cooking from the lowest of simmers to the quickest of boils.


Power-Flo™ Sealed Burner

Power-Flo™ sealed burners were designed with efficiency in mind saving energy by boiling, searing, or heating. Rated at 19,000 BTU/hr but able to turn down to a delicate simmer, they are the highest input sealed burners on the market.



Open Burner Rangetop Features

  • AlphaFlame™ burners are rated at 25,000 BTUs to deliver intense powerful heat.
  • All burners turn down to a 145° F simmer.
  • FineTouch™ simmer burner rated at 8,000 BTUs
  • EZ-Glides™ – Full extension removable drip trays mounted on ball bearing rails.
  • Commercial Quality Cast Iron Grates.
  • Stay-Cool™ – Die cast, chrome plated metal knobs with Black Trims (red optional)
  • Auto-ignition/re-ignition on all burners.
  • Island trim included.

Sealed Burner Rangetop Features

  • Up to eight sealed burners rated at 19,000 BTUs each.
  • All burners turn down to a true simmer
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates.
  • Optional wok available.

Electric Ovens Features

  • MOIST Cooking – This exclusive feature stops food from drying during cooking, resulting in some of the juiciest meats ever (primary oven only) Capital Exclusive!
  • Moto-Rotis™ – Built-in motorized rotisserie – Cook delicious, self-basting meats and poultry year round inside your capital oven (no frame required – primary oven only) Capital Exclusive!
  • SELF CLEAN (all ovens)
  • MEAT PROBE cooking (all ovens)
  • Convection Fan cooking for BAKE, BROIL, ROAST
  • Hidden Bake Element under glass for easy clean up and efficient oven heating
  • Ribbon Broil Element under glass results in BBQ-quality searing
  • Two-speed cooling fan system
  • Dual air-flow convection
  • Extra large viewing oven window
  • Dual Kitchen Timers (5 secs – 11 hours 55 mins)
  • TIMED COOK – You can set the oven to turn itself OFF after a set amount of time
  • DELAY COOK – You can set the oven to start cooking at a set time of day
  • Clock – Displays time of day when range is not in use
  • Flex-Roll™ oven racks
  • High intensity lights in each oven
  • Ultra cool oven doors
  • Sabbath mode

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